Don't let the boredom win.

We've always loved running workshops, and it seems like a wasted opportunity not to bring our workshops into the future. After all, we're living in a technological age where so much learning now takes place online. With the recent Covid-19 outbreak taking over our lives, I wanted to offer something positive to the world to help us through this unrepresented time.

It's totally your choice,  do you want to sit at home and do sweet f.a everyday or do you want to take the bull by the horns and learn something new? Gain a new skill, get fit, read more, sing louder, dance... whatever you do, just enjoy this time we have and use it to  create better versions of ourselves.

I'll be running weekly Webclasses for Children and Adults.  The wholesalers have now closed so I'll be foraging in the Garden for plant materials and using household recycled items. The classes will range from beginner to intermediate with us making super simple designs, to things much more intricate and delicate. 

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